164th Jedburgh Border Games Saturday 8th July 2017

9th July 2017

Congratulations to all the athletes that took part at Jedburgh Games on this glorious day! ☀️
Well done to the following winners:
Gavin Maule- Jed Renilson Race
Tamzin Scott- Youths 90m Confined
Sophie Elder- joint winner of the Ladies 110m Sprint, a close 2nd in the main 110m sprint & Athlete of the Day
Erin Clarkson- Youths 800m & cup for most promising young athlete
Tommy Finkle- 90m Veterans
Finn Douglas- Youth A 200m

It was great to see so many winners today and also several TLJT finalists and placings in the 400m and 800m.  Special well done to those athletes who took on a new distance today and also to those who qualified for their first ever final.

Tommy Finkle is presented with the Finkle Cup for 90m Veterans Sprint by Jake & Lara Irvine

Tamzin Scott winner of the 90m Confined

Sophie Elder joint winner with Philippa Robertson
of the Ladies 100m Handicap

Finn Douglas winner of the 200m Backmarkers Handicap

Erin Clarkson winner of the Youths 800m

Gavin Maule wiiner of the Jed Renilson race